Distinctive Features of Indoor and Outdoor Rowing

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According to Josh Crosby,  former world-champion rower, rowing is here and it is coming.  Being a triumphant rower, Crosby has witnessed the merits of rowing as a sport and as a form of physical fitness.

Rowing machines have become a smashing success in the forefront of sport and fitness.  It is a significant fitness machine in training studios. Our list of high rated rowing machines will surely hit your fitness preferences.

Which Is Which?

As you get on board for rowing, set your best preference. Is indoor or outdoor rowing right for you?

This post is an amazing comparison between indoor and outdoor rowing. Outdoor rowing is for a boat and done in the water while indoor rowing is for an Ergometer or rowing machine and done at the comfort of your fitness studios or gymnasiums.

Both types of rowing activities offer a full-body workout! They guarantee you to get your heart rate going. Have you had the chance to do both? Perhaps, you already experience their distinctive features. Both forms of rowing offer intense and effective full-body workout. Both involves rowing that gets you into shape

Outdoor and indoor rowing may have similar goals and workout schemes. Both provide an intense and extreme workout.  However, they do have a lot of differences that would invite you to try both.

Outdoor Rowing

This type of rowing activity requires a tremendous amount of physical training and practice for balance. You should work on your balance if you like to engage in this sport so you will not tip over easily and fall into the water. To fill this in and keep your balance, it’s commendable to join a rowing club and learn the proper technique and pointers to make the rowing more fun and satisfying.

Aside from this, rowing outdoors will give you a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The experience is made more gratifying as you breathe fresh air.

Rowing with an Outdoor Rowing Machine

Actually, both outdoor and indoor rowing machines have similar health benefits. They both offer full-body workout and improve cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.  They are one of the best workouts to strengthen your upper and lower back, only that the features of the machines differ. You can use an outdoor rowing machine without electricity required.  The machine is powered by people; hence it is eco-friendly. There’s no need for regular maintenance

Indoor Rowing

rowing machines

Using an indoor rowing machine doesn’t require balance. You can just use it anytime. Just mount and start rowing. Although indoor rowing will not give you the experience of enjoying nature, it guarantees total body workout at the comfort of your home or fitness studio. It may not offer real boating experience, but it can guarantee an effective mimicking of water-based rowing. The experience feels like you are rowing a boat. The resistance of the machine helps you do it.

Using a rowing machine will not require you to have a highly-demanding physical training or whatsoever. Instead, it can give the best training to become a triumphant athlete-rower. However, to avoid injury and strains, it’s best to educate yourself on the proper uses of the machine as well as the proper rowing techniques.

In conclusion, both forms of rowing offer impressive outputs. Outdoor rowing in your boat gives you beautiful scenery and fresh air and the fantastic workout.  Although the beautiful scenery is absent in indoor rowing and is replaced by the painted walls and television sets, it’s an effective mimicking of outdoor rowing and is the best exercise. It requires no formal training and is more convenient.

However, you can still combine the best features of indoor rowing and outdoor. This is done by changing your indoor rowing machine to an outdoor rower. You can take it outside and enjoy the dripping of your sweat and the burning of a huge amount of calories.